Anaesthesia System KAM-A101

Anaesthesia System KAM-A101

Anaesthesia System KAM-A101 is equipped with color LCD screen for clear display of trends, dosage rate and other setting parameters. Designed to suit adult as well as pediatric patients. System complies with closed, semi-closed, semi-open or assisted ventilation. Integrated sensors and valves ensure risk prevention from system failure and increases patient safety.

Drive Electronically controlled, bellow driven
Tidal Volume 0 ml – 1500 ml
Gas Configuration O2, N2O
Flow Meter 1 l/min – 10 l/min
LCD Display 7 inch LCD
Vaporizer Single [Isoflurane / Enflurane / Sevoflurane / Halothane]
Fresh Gas Compensation 25 l/min – 75 l/min
I:E Range 4:1-1:8
Monitoring VT, MV, BPM, Paw
Modes of Ventilation IPPV, SIMV, SIPPV, Manual
Respiration range 1 bpm – 100 bpm
Concentration Range 0% to 5%
Calibration Automatic
Waveforms Pressure-time, Flow-time, Pressure-volume loop
Hypoxic Safety System N2O cut-off valve / O2 > 25%
Alarm AC power failure, minute volume too high (low), airway pressure too high ( low ) and insufficiency of O2 and N2O
Pressure Safety Valve < 12.5 kPa
Volume of CO2 absorber 1.5 L
Power Consumption 50 VA
Power Supply 100 VAC – 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Battery [Rechargeable Lead-acid battery]
30 minutes ~ 120 minutes
Working Condition Patient airway pressure range: - 2 kPa ~ 10 kPa
Airway monitoring range: 0 ~ 9.9 kPa
Pressure limit range: 2.0 kPa ~ 6.0 kPa
Dimensions 1190 x 410 x 710 mm
Weight 82 Kgs
  • 7 inch color LCD display
  • Pneumatic controlled flow
  • Vaporizer: double (optional)
  • Auto-calibration
  • Suitable for adult as well as pediatric care
  • Comprehensive alarms
Used in Surgical or Gynaecological departments to administer appropriate anaesthesia dosage at a specified rate to ensure effective sedation during surgeries and other invasive diagnostic or interventional procedures.

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