Dental X-ray KDX-A101

Dental X-ray KDX-A101

Dental X-ray KDX-A101 is an intra-oral imaging modality which uses fine focus X-ray generators and small focal spot for optimum penetration power, good radiographic contrast at minimal dosage. Digital one-touch operation and microprocessor based exposure control along with low voltage alarming and high voltage protection ensures stable, efficient and low radiation output consistently. Micro-focus technology ensures clear image and accurate diagnosis.

Tube Voltage 60 kV
Tube Current 8 mA
Exposure Time 0.2 s – 4 s
Tube Focus 0.8 mm
Configuration Stand unit with Seat
Leak Radiation One meter ≤ 0.002 mGy/h (National standard:0.25mGy/h)
Total Filtration 2.5 mm Al
Charger Input AC : 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz ,1 kVA
SSD (Source Skin Distance) 20 cm
Weight 40 Kgs
  • Micro focus technology
  • Digital control panel
  • Accurate and quick imaging
  • Pneumatic controlled seat – mobile or fixed
  • Trusted tube quality
Used in dental clinics for dental X-ray imaging to reveal impacted teeth, advanced periodontal disease, sinusitis and to plan treatment dentures, braces, extractions or implants

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