Dental X-ray KDX-A200

Dental X-ray KDX-A200

Dental X-ray KDX-A200 is a portable intra-oral imaging modality which uses high frequency DC X-ray generators for good radiographic contrast at minimal dosage. Graphic LCD screen displays various indicative parameters for exposure control and alarms. Touch key user-interface for customized exposure. Incorporated components have vacuum insulation and stereotype sealed protection for stable and extended life of equipment.

Tube Voltage 60 kV
Tube Current 1 mA
Exposure Time 0.02 s – 2 s
Tube Focus 0.3 x 0.3 mm
Configuration Portable
Battery DC : 14.8 V, 6400 mA
Charger Output DC : 16.8 V
Charger Input AC 100 V-240 V ±10 %
Frequency 30 kHz
Power Rating 60 VA
SSD (Source Skin Distance) 130 mm
Dimension 138 x 165 x 185 mm 
Weight 2.2 Kgs
  • Micro focus technology
  • Digital control panel
  • Accurate and quick imaging
  • Pneumatic controlled seat – mobile or fixed
  • Trusted tube quality
Used in dental clinics for dental X-ray imaging to reveal impacted teeth, advanced periodontal disease, sinusitis and to plan treatment dentures, braces, extractions or implants

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