Elastomeric Infusion Pump KEP-A100

Elastomeric Infusion Pump KEP-A100

Elastomeric Infusion Pump KEP-A100 is a disposable, patient controlled micro-injector infusion device. Soft silicone capsule forms a low-vacuum sterile reservoir for safe drug infusion. Flow regulator enables constant minimal drop control through the capillary catheter for gentle infusion. One-way pumping mechanism prevents backflow or spillage.

Type Basic, CBI + PCA
Basal Flow rate 2 ml/hr, 3 ml/hr, 4 ml/hr, 5 ml/hr, 10 ml/hr
(default 2 ml/hr)
Capacity 60 ml / 100 ml / 150 ml / 200 ml / 275 ml
Pump shell Silicon pump with ABS closure
PCA Bolus volume 0.5 ml
PCA Lockout time 15 min
  • Resilient and durable shell
  • Non-electric and safe
  • Accurate and controlled flow-rate
  • Light protection capsule (Optional)
Used in maternity wards, general wards and ambulatory use to administer liquid drugs such as epidural anesthetics, analgesics, for intravenous, intra-arterial, epidural or subcutaneous infusion based pain management or bladder irrigation.

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