HbA1c analyzer KGH-A100

HbA1c analyzer KGH-A100

HbA1c analyzer KGH-A100 is an automated high-performance benchtop glycated hemoglobin analyser. Ion-exchange chromatography enables highly accurate area percentage for credible results. Integral high sensitivity photometer enhances accuracy of curvature analysis. In-built thermo-control assembly ensures temperature stability improving repeatability and standardized results.

Measurement range 3 % ~ 18 %
Testing parameters Precision (CV) < 3 %
Accuracy (V) < 1.5 %
Sample type Venous blood (EDTA anticoagulation), Peripheral finger blood
Sample volume 5 µl whole blood for each sample
Photometer 415 nm LED integral flow colorimeter
Sampling mode (20 samples) position 2 quality control position
1 emergency position
1 cleaning position
1 zero position
Test mode Automated sample batch test
Single sample test
Calibration 2 points or 4 points calibration,
Manual or automation with a set of calibrators
Thermostatic control 25 ± 0.5°C (column and reagent thermostatic control)
Reagent matching Column and reagent consumable / 300 pieces of testing sample
Reagent allocation A, B, C, D eluent, calibrator, hemolytic agent, pump tubing
Display 320 x 240 LCD graphic display for real-time testing curve
Printer 58mm Thermal printer, printing testing curve and report
Report output IFCC concentration value
NGSP area percentage
ADAG average glucose
Data storage 1000 tests report (including testing curve)
Interface RS-232 interface
HIS/LIS system interface
Power supply AC 220V / 50Hz
Working environment Temperature: 12°C ~ 30°C
Relative Humidity: < 85 %
Dimensions 408 x 390 x 230 mm
Weight 9 Kgs
  • Micro volume sample consumption
  • Sample analysis within four minutes
  • Real-time summarized chromatogram
  • Bubble detection and removal
  • HIS/LIS system network interface
  • Automated and large data storage
Used in small to medium sized pathological diagnostic laboratories, small or private hospital laboratories and diabetes clinics for monitoring HbA1c level as a long term indicator of diabetic control.

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