Holter Monitor KHM-A100

Holter Monitor KHM-A100

Holter Monitor KHM-A100 is a 24-hour ambulatory ECG recorder designed to record real-time ECG. System is equipped with OLED screen for waveform preview, record review and event marking. Integrated frequency filters allow anti-jamming and aseismic capability for error free waveforms. Data storage up to 2GB using TF card enables original data to be stored without compression. System performs 12-lead synchro-analysis for distortion-free QRS detection.

Display OLED 160 x 128 dot matrix display
Storage Built-in TF card storage for up to 2 GB
Standard Sensitivity 10 mm/mV ± 5%
Sensitivity Shift ≤ ± 10%
Channel Display 12 Channel
Scan Speed 25 mm/s ± 5%
Pacing Analysis Dual chamber pacing, Atrial pacing, Ventricular pacing module
Ventricular Pseudofusion and Ventricular asynchronous module
Arrhythmia Analysis MCSSTM and TMCATM
ECG-Analysis ST segment analysis , HRT analysis, T-Wave alternation,QTD (QT dispersion)
VCG (vector cardiogram), VLP (ventricular late potential) and TVCG (time vector cardiogram) analysis
Heart-rate Analysis Short range : 5 minutes
Long range : 1 hour
Continuous : 24 hours
Sampling Sampling Accuracy : 12 Bit
Rate of Sampling : 10 kHz
Batteries 2 AA batteries
Interface USB 2.0
Scale Voltage 1mV ± 5%
Noise ≤ 30µV
CMRR ≥ 60 dB
Time Constant ≥ 3.2 s
Polarization voltage ± 300 mV (DC)
Dimension 111 x 60 x 25 mm
Weight 105 g
  • 12-lead synchronous acquisition
  • Fast review analysis
  • Accurate and Quick report generation
  • More than 10 pre-defined modules and user-defined impulse tracking for premature conduction impulses
  • ECG-analysis function
  • Predictive arrhythmia analysis module
  • Predictive pacing analysis module
  • Flexible channel selection
Used in cardiology center to diagnose and detect symptoms of various heart disease and arrhythmias, determine a patient’s response to drug therapy, function of pacemaker and reveal trends or changes in heart function during normal routine activities.

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