Automated Lens meter KALM-A100

Automated Lens meter KALM-A100

Automated Lens meter KALM-A100 is a high-performance digital measurement tool designed to measure optical power of lens. Incorporated Hartmann-Shack sensor provides faster, more accurate and stable measurements. Wide LCD monitor with variable directional angle of observation allows clear view from virtually any position.

Range of measurement
Sphere-25 ~ +25 D unit( 0.01/0.12/0.25 D steps)
Cylinder-9.99 ~ +9.99 D unit (0.01/0.12/0.25 D steps)
Axis0° ~ 180° unit (1° steps)
Add0 ~ +9.99 D unit (0.01/0.12/0.25 D)
Prism0 ~ 6 △ unit ( 0.01/0.12/0.25 △)
Lens measurement type
Cylinder +,+/-,-
Prism X-Y,P-B
Contact lens Soft/hard
Measuring mode Single
Auto recognition
Diameter of lens ¢20 mm ~ 108 mm
PD 45 mm ~ 90mm, 0.25mm steps
Speed 0.1s
ABBE compensation 30 ~ 60
Display 5.6” TFT-LCD
Tilt range : 20° - 90°
Printer Thermal Printer
Dimension 222 × 161 × 372 mm
Weight 5.5 Kgs
  • Hartman testing method
  • LCD tilt-able display screen
  • Built-in UV transmittance measurement
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • Automatic mono- & multi-focal detection
Used in small to medium sized optical diagnostic clinics and at opticians mainly by optometrists and opticians to verify the lens prescription for measuring single vision lenses, bifocal (trifocal) lenses, progressive power lenses, (PPL) and contact lenses (CL).

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