Stationary X-Ray Machine KSX-A200

Stationary X-Ray Machine KSX-A200

Stationary X-Ray Machine KSX-A200 is a traditional X-ray imaging modality equipped with single focus X-ray source and full wave rectification high-voltage generator for reliable performance. The high voltage X-ray generator has an independent configuration for electrical isolation subsequently increasing safety and stability. X-ray tube incorporates space charge compensator and pressure regulator to ensure the sharp images and low X-ray dosage on every output.

Exposure Voltage 50 kV ~ 100 kV
Exposure Current Small focus: 50 mA
Big focus: (50, 100, 150 and 200) mA
Max. Output Voltage 100 kV
Max. Output Current 200 mA (instant)
5 mA (running)
Exposure Time 0.04 s ~ 6.3 s, 23 grades
Supply Voltage Adjustable
380 V: 340 V—420 V
220 V: 195 V—250 V
Supply Frequency 50 Hz
Glide Up/Down > 400 mm
X-Ray Focus Big: 2x2 mm
Small: 1x1 mm
  • Standard Frequency X-Ray Generator
  • High Quality Imaging
  • Accurate Timer Controlled Exposure
  • Suitable for Radiography as well as Fluoroscopy
  • Step Less Adjustability of Controls
  • 120KV Generator Capacity
  • Vibrating Ray-Filter Radiographic Flatbed
Used in hospital radiology departments, orthopedic and diagnostic imaging centers to perform projection radiography.

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