Electric Suction Machine KSM-A200

Electric Suction Machine KSM-A200

Electric Suction Machine KSM-A200 is a clinical phlegm suction unit with mobile trolley. Incorporated oil-free piston pump with vacuum gauge housed in a crevice-free plastic exterior with two interconnected glass reservoirs ensures efficient suction performance. Advanced overflow-protection design of graduated suction reservoir prevents leakage of aspirated fluids. Trolley is equipped with swivel casters for improved stability and smooth conveyance.

Vacuum Pressure ( Negative ) 0.09 MPa
Reservoir Capacity 2500 ml ( 2 Jars )
Pumping Rate ≥ 20 L/min
Continuous Operation Up to 30 min
Input Power 120 VA
Noise ≤ 70 dB
Power Supply 220 V±10% , 50 Hz±2%
Dimensions 475 x 415 x 925 mm
Weight 18.5 Kgs
  • Oil-free suction mechanism
  • Advanced overflow-protection design
  • Integrated trolley
  • Suitable for surgical procedures
Used in hospital wards, surgical rooms as well as at home by medical professionals or patients for performing aspirations or suction of congestive secretions for respiratory home-care.

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